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Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Life Works – the leading specialist in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Do I have a problem with alcohol? How can I tell?

Alcohol Abuse - Signs & SymptomsAlcohol addiction and abuse has a number of clear signs and symptoms that are easy to see. They differ slightly between individuals but the overall problems remain the same. The signs of alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse may overlap but these two conditions are different. Alcohol addiction is a physical or emotional need to drink while alcohol abuse encompasses any unsafe drinking behaviours.

At Life Works alcohol rehabilitation centre we believe that drinking becomes a problem when a person’s actions around alcohol start to negatively affect the rest of their life. This can occur if you are abusing alcohol or if you are addicted.

Bellow we have outlined the signs of alcohol abuse and addiction. If you, or someone you know is exhibiting these symptoms, please contact Life Works today or call us at 0800 081 0700 .

Recognising the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

  • Neglecting responsibilities if often the first signs of alcohol addiction. This could include slipping performance at work, doing poorly at school, becoming distant in relationships, ignoring children or not meeting commitments. People with an alcohol problem often blame these behaviours on a hangover
  • Drinking when it is dangerous is another signs of an alcohol addiction. This includes drinking and driving, drinking and using heavy machinery or mixing alcohol with medications. These behaviours are clearly risky but people with an alcohol problem brush off the potential harm in order to feed their drinking habit.
  • Getting in trouble with the law because of alcohol is common for those with an alcohol problem. This could include drunk and disorderly conduct, drunken driving or being banned from a premises.
  • Alcohol can put tremendous strains on relationships. Partners, children and parents of alcoholics often struggle to deal with the actions of the person abusing alcohol. It can be very hard for family and friends to watch someone drink irresponsibly and damage their lives not to mention the lives of those around them
  • Drinking to escape stress or worry is another classic sign of alcohol addiction. People who drink to avoid problems do not actually solve the problem. This means their troubles and stress build up requiring them to drink more and spend more time intoxicated. Eventually they feel like they need to drink to relax and this becomes their only coping mechanism.

If you think any of these symptoms of alcohol addiction match your experiences, or if you recognise these symptoms in someone else, please contact us via email or call us on 0800 081 0700 .

Denial: A key symptom of Alcohol Addiction

People struggling with alcohol addiction often struggle with denial. This is because addicts are usually the last people to realise they have a problem. That means they honestly believe that they are fine and anyone who contradicts this belief is wrong. Denial is a classic symptom of alcohol addiction and it is also one of the reasons the disease is so hard to treat. Alcohol addicts simply do not believe they are sick. If you believe you may have a problem the best thing you can do is to speak to a professional and look at the evidence. It can be tough to admit that you have a problem but the sooner someone with an alcohol addiction admits they have a problem, the sooner they can start recovery.

Some of the classic signs of denial are:

  • Minimising the effects of your drinking.
  • Criticising those around you for making too much fuss about your drinking.
  • Considerably underestimating the amounts you drink.
  • Placing the blame for your drinking on other people or situations in your life, such as "I drink because my job is so stressful".

Get Help!

As a leading private alcohol rehabilitation clinic, Life Works is able to help you. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have and help you find the right alcohol addiction treatment.

If you need help or advice about alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, please call us on 0800 081 0700 to speak to one of our alcohol rehabilitation professionals in confidence. You can also fill out our contact form for a quick confidential discussion.

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