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Tailored programmes and evidence-based care

Whether you are struggling with an addiction, eating disorder or co-occurring mental health problem, Life Works is dedicated to delivering individually tailored, person-centred treatment programmes.

We are able to provide flexible, evidence-based care, which is personalised to meet the unique needs of each individual that we support. This approach ensures that every person has the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life, within a comfortable and homely environment.

Delivering positive outcomes at an individual level

We constantly strive to deliver innovative treatment programmes, which demonstrate tangible results for those in our care. Within Priory as a whole, we use a range of outcome metrics to measure progress against treatment goals. This motivates and challenges the individual, and ensures that every stage of their treatment is most effective and appropriate to their needs.

This year, the Quality Account for our healthcare services set out the evidence of Priory’s commitment to providing high quality services, as well as our ambitions to continue to deliver such care in the future, through ongoing improvement. Some of our quality achievements in 2018-19 include:

  • 97% of mental health and addiction patients felt that staff were caring, supportive and had communicated well with them
  • 96% of eating disorder patients said they would recommend our care to a family member or friend
  • 94% of mental health and addiction patients were satisfied with the overall quality of the care that they received
  • 92% of eating disorder patients were satisfied with the overall quality of the care that they received

We consistently make excellent progress in meeting our objective to provide safe, high quality and effective services to each and every individual who seeks support with us.

Doctify reviews

In addition, we have recently introduced the Doctify reviewing system to our services, allowing clients to rate and review the care that they received at any one of our treatment hospitals and centres. We are committed to using this information to continuously build upon the quality and expertise that we can provide.

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To discuss how the Life Works team can help to support individuals and families dealing with an Eating Disorder and for further information on treatment and rehabilitation programmes, please call: 01483 745 066 or click here to make an enquiry.

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