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Life Works' approach to addiction treatment

Addictions are characterised by an individual repeatedly engaging in certain behaviours, whether these involve substances such as alcohol or drugs, or compulsive activities such as gambling or internet usage, despite the substantial harm that they cause. These behaviours are repeated over and over again because they result in pleasure or some form of valuable outcome for the individual. This causes them to seek out the substance or activity more and more until they develop either a physical or psychological dependence and a harmful addiction takes hold.

Addictions have the potential to wreak havoc in all areas of an individual’s life, from their general health and wellbeing, to their relationships with others and performance at work. That’s why, at Life Works, we are dedicated to providing world class addiction treatment and therapy to each and every one of our clients. We place our clients at the centre of their addiction treatment and recovery journey, ensuring that you benefit from a truly bespoke treatment experience and are empowered to take steps towards the happy, healthy and fulfilling life that you deserve.

Free addiction assessment

We offer a free addiction assessment to all prospective clients, a medically assisted detoxification process for alcohol and drug addictions, if this is required, and a comprehensive therapeutic programme which provides you with the skills and coping strategies to overcome your addictive behaviours and take steps towards a full and sustainable recovery.

Our expert team of addiction psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other addiction specialists consist of thought leaders in the field of addiction treatment and therapy. Each member is committed to remaining up to date with the latest clinical research, in order to ensure that their practice is guided by the most recent research and follows National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

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If you would like to talk to Life Works about how we support individuals and families dealing with addiction issues, please call: 01483 745 066 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT.

We provide an evidence-based programme that is tailored to individual needs, all structured within NICE guidelines. This includes specialist treatment for a broad array of substance and behavioural addictions.

In addition, we understand that addictive behaviours are often triggered by co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. As such, we are also able to treat these co-occurring problems at Life Works, allowing you to address the root cause of your addiction, as well as tackling the addiction itself.

Addiction treatment programme at Life Works

At Life Works, we understand that reaching out and seeking support for your addiction can be daunting and overwhelming. As such, we are dedicated to making this process as smooth and straightforward as possible for you by offering a free addiction assessment. This initial assessment can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. It enables you to discuss your concerns in confidence and allows us to build a picture of your unique challenges.

This initial addiction assessment provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Speak to a member of our team
  • Discuss your addiction and the specific issues that you are facing
  • Begin to develop an understanding of the underlying triggers and potential causes for your addiction
  • Discuss your individual concerns, needs and options
  • Explore the impact that your addiction is having on your life as well as the lives of your loved ones
  • Talk through your proposed addiction treatment plan, which will be individually tailored according to your personal needs
  • Ask any questions that you may have on Life Works’ addiction treatment programme

Ultimately, the aim of our free assessment is to help to put your mind at ease and enable you to develop an understanding of the journey that you could be taking towards recovery and wellbeing. Click here to book yours today.

Inpatient addiction treatment

Life Works’ addiction treatment programme is a residential programme which consists of clients staying at Life Works, usually for a 28-day period. Whilst 28 days is the recommended amount of time needed for addiction treatment, we are also able to consider flexible treatment lengths, if appropriate.

Our residential programme provides you with the chance to tackle any physical symptoms that are associated with your addiction, via our comprehensive detox service, before commencing with intensive and evidence-based therapy in order to identify the drivers for your addictive behaviours, and reduce the chances of addiction relapse.

You can read more about inpatient treatment at Life Works by visiting our inpatient treatment page.

Addiction therapy is delivered in a number of different formats at Life Works, including:

  • 1:1 therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

For more information on each of the therapy formats that we are able to offer, please visit our treatment methods page.

We are also able to offer a wide range of therapeutic techniques as part of inpatient addiction treatment at Life Works.

Therapy Types
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12-Step approach and support groups
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A high quality family programme
+ -
A comprehensive, free aftercare offering
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Overcoming an addiction can be hard without professional help. At Life Works, we approach different treatment plans which are best suited to each individual addiction. For more information, please call: 01483 745 066 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT.

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