One in 10 male gym-goers feared to suffer from bigorexia

extMuscle dysmorphia, also known as bigorexia is still relatively unknown yet its believed that one in 10 men in the UK who are regular gym-goers could be suffering from it.

The anxiety disorder causes someone to believe that theyre small despite being big and muscular. Although it can affect both men and women, more men have been known to suffer from it as theyre feeling increasing pressure to achieve the idealmuscular body as so frequently portrayed by the media.

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What is bigorexia and what are the signs?

EDBigorexia is an anxiety disorder that’s hitting the headlines as it’s feared that one in 10 men who regularly go to the gym could be suffering from it.

What is bigorexia however? It is also sometimes referred to as muscle dysmorphia or reverse anorexia and it has become more of a concern in recent years as research shows that men are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their perceived body images. Although it’s far more likely to affect men, women have been known to suffer from the condition as well.

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America calls for depression screenings to help prevent suicides

imagesLast week, National Suicide Prevention Week helped to raise awareness about suicide and how its devastating hundreds of thousands of lives all around the world.

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Teenagers are struggling to cope with the pressures of social media sites

SMNew research from the University of Glasgow has suggested that teenagers feel they need to be available on social networking sites 24/7 and its resulting in depression, anxiety and sleep deprivation.

Subjects aged between 11 and 17 were questioned about their overall (but specifically night-time) social media use. Following this, their sleep quality, self-esteem and emotional investment into these sites were also measured and then analysed.

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Study claims that marijuana users may be more likely to develop diabetes

marijuana addiction help 300x199

New research has suggested that people who smoke marijuana are more likely to develop pre-diabetes than those who have never used it.

In a sample study carried out in America, it was found that adults who currently use the drug are an incredible 65% more likely to have poor sugar control - a factor which can lead to type 2 diabetes. Those who no longer smoked marijuana but had used it more than 100 times in their life, had a 49% greater chance of developing the condition.

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Excessive working hours are soaring and contributing to a rise in mental health problems

MH at workThe number of people in the UK working excessive hours has risen by 15% since 2010 and it’s having a significant impact on our mental and physical health. As well as affecting our personal lives however, this is also causing a huge strain on the NHS and benefits system.

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Beating back to school anxiety

Mental health schoolSeptember can be an incredibly anxious time for children. They may be worried about starting at a new school, making new friends, dealing with new teachers and doinghomework and exams once again. If your child is struggling with the idea of going back to school, here are some great ideas to help ease them in gently.

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Are workout supplements contributing towards the rise in eating disorders amongst men?

GYMFor decades now, women have struggled with the constant pressure they face to look good and have the perfect figure. With more and more lean, muscular men with perfectly sculpted abs adorning the covers of mens health and fitness magazines, womens glossies and even films like Magic Mike focusing solely on the male body, what was once a predominantly female problem, is now becoming a serious issue amongst men too.

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Employees still hiding sickness leave caused by mental health issues from their employer

Stress at work 004Anew survey has revealed that employees are still much more likely to lie about their reasons for needing time off work if their absence is caused by mental health issues rather than physical ailments.

The survey, which was carried out by OnePoll found that 77% of workers would have no problem telling the truth to their manager about physical ailments such as back pain, flu or an accidental injury.

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New maps reveal the countries where people are consuming the most drugs and alcohol

Drug AlcoholThanks to its liberal laws and Amsterdams many coffee shops, most of us would safely assume that The Netherlands tops the poll of Cannabis use. Believe it or not however, the country doesnt even make the top five list.

Data was collected by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) between 2003 and 2014 and compared drug use in America and Europe. In many cases, the results make for some surprising reading.

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2015

b2ap3 thumbnail treatment ana1 20150702 095642 1The 10th September 2015 marks World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) and this years theme is Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives.

The importance of this day is highlighted by shocking statistics just released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which reveal that over 800,000 people die because of suicide across the world each year.

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The Truth About Alcohol And Cancer

the cost of alcoholThere has been plenty of coverage in the media recently about our alcohol consumption with research now suggesting that it can affect our chances of getting cancer by much more than it was originally thought.

Whilst the research isn’t suggesting that everyone who drinks alcohol will develop cancer, it has answered some common questions that generally cause a lot of confusion.

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Nearly Half Of Women Seek Mental Health Help

mental health in women New research carried out by the charity, Girlguiding has found that nearly half (46%) of young women aged between 17 and 21 have reached out for help for their mental health.

Worryingly, self-harm ranks at the top of their list of health concerns followed by smoking, mental illness, depression and eating disorders. Sadly, it appears as though these young women are also suffering in silence because they report to feeling largely unsupported.

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Survey Reveals Most Men Hate Their Bodies

eating disorder in menA shocking new survey has found that only 4% of men are happy with their bodies and that most are feeling increasing pressure to improve their shape.

The research was carried out on behalf of Alpha Man Magazine and found that a staggering 82% of men feel more stressed about not having an impressive physique than they did five years ago. The findings also revealed that men are willing to resort to drastic measures to achieve their dream body.

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Ministers Accused Of Failing Mental Health Pledge

mental health

A row over spending on mental health in the UK has broken out after the government has been accused of failing to honour promises to boost funding.

Figures which were collected by the Labour party suggest that 50 out of 130 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) plan to reduce the proportion of the budget they allocated to mental health for this financial year. Whereas 11% of their budget was dedicated to mental health in 2014/15, it is suggested that this will go down to 10% for the remainder of this year and 2016.

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People Over 65 Have An Alcohol Problem

alcohol abuse in older peopleHealthcare professionals have warned the elderly about how much alcohol they are consuming after new research has revealed that one in five over the age of 65 are drinking unsafe levels.

An analysis of health records found that the heavier drinkers tended to be male and relatively affluent. National guidelines recommend no more than 14 units of alcohol per week for women and 21 units for men. Despite this, the records found that amongst the 5% drinking the most alcohol, men were consuming more than a staggering 49 units a week and women 23 units.

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Researchers Warn Light Drinking Can Cause Cancer

alcohol useResearchers have warned that as little as one drink per day for women and two for men is enough to increase the risk of cancer. The clearest link was for breast cancer and experts are now reinforcing the message that people should limit how much they drink and understand the importance of having alcohol-free days.

The American study found that alcohol is linked to an increased risk of mouth, throat, gullet, bowel, liver and breast cancer. All types of alcohol were found to inflate the risk with the likelihood of getting cancer increasing the more people drank. Smoking and drinking together were also found to increase the risk of cancer.

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What You Need To Know About Anxiety Part Two

anxiety factsContinuing from the first part of our anxiety awareness blogs, here are some more surprising facts about anxiety - a condition that is affecting more of us than ever before.

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What You Need To Know About Anxiety

anxiety factsAnxiety is an increasingly common condition in the UK and is now thought to affect approximately one in 25 people. This means chances are that you, a friend, a family member or work colleague will experience it at some point. Below are some interesting facts about anxiety and how it affects us.

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Signs You Could Be Abusing Alcohol

How to know you are drinking too muchMany people enjoy the odd glass of wine after work or on a night out with our friends but how do you know when your apparently moderate drinking is starting to cause you health problems? Below are just a few of the signs that your drinking could be having a more harmful effect than you thought.

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