Drug Use Among Middle Aged Brits On The Rise

b2ap3_thumbnail_heroin-problems.jpgA Home Office report which was published in July has revealed that illegal drug use amongst middle-aged Brits has risen rapidly over the past 18 years.

This is a stark comparison to drug use amongst 16 to 39 year-olds which was down from 17.4% in 1999 to just 13% in 2014-15. Over the same period, the use of illegal substances in the 40 to 59 year age group has risen from 2.5% to 3.6%.

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Can Marriage Help Beat Alcohol Abuse

b2ap3_thumbnail_alcohol-addiction_20150824-085243_1.jpgTherapy and medication are the two most common treatments for alcoholism but a new study claims that getting married can result in a huge reduction in alcohol consumption - even amongst serious addicts.

This might sound far-fetched but researchers at the University of Missouri in the USA found that a dramatic change in a person’s role (such as becoming a husband or wife), can really help people to beat addiction.

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Postnatal Depression May Hit More Parents Than Expected

depressed parentsHaving a baby is a special, exciting and happy time for most new parents. New research carried out in Germany has revealed that after the initial excitement is over however, most first-time parents experience a decline in overall life satisfaction.

The study, which was carried out at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research asked people in various different scenarios to rate their general life satisfaction on a scale of one to 10 every year. Shockingly, the decline in people’s happiness shortly after having their first child was greater than that observed amongst those who had suffered unemployment, divorce or even a bereavement.

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Regular Drinking Linked To Cancer

drinking and cancerNew data that has been released by an Australian charity has confirmed that regular alcohol consumption over a lifetime significantly increases a person’s risk of mouth and throat cancer.

The researchers found that an average lifetime consumption of four or more standard alcoholic drinks per day more than doubles the risk of mouth and throat cancer compared to those who didn’t drink at all.

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Learn How Alcohol Affects Those Around The Drinker

the harm of alcoholA new report has examined the extent to which consuming alcohol can affect others. The report has revealed a shocking insight into how someones drinking affects those around them.

The study was carried out amongst those living in Scotland and North West England and the main findings showed that:

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How To Tell People You Have Depression Part Two

depression helpOnce you have made the decision to confide in your loved ones that you are suffering from depression, the next step is actually communicating with them but what’s the most effective way of doing this?

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How To Tell People You Have Depression

depression treatmentMaking the decision to tell your friends, family or work colleagues that you’re suffering from depression is a big step. Not only is it difficult to let people in during this troubling time, sadly, there are still many misconceptions about mental illness and the last thing we want is to feel stigmatised because of it.

Opening up about your illness is one of the most effective steps towards coping and recovery however so here are some great ways to help you talk about it.

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Children As Young As Five Treated For Depression

children suffer from depressionNew figures have revealed that children as young as five are being treated for anxiety and depression in Sussex. Over a one year period, there were almost 3,000 referrals to specialist health services involving children and teenagers which has sparked concerns about the impact that modern life is having on the mental health of young people.

Nearly 500 more cases were reported up to April 2014 compared to the year before and some of the most common issues included separation anxiety, general anxiety, problems dealing with social situations, avoiding going out, depression and low mood.

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Experts Warn That Harmful Drinking Is A Middle Class Phenomenon

middle class drinkingFor a very long time, heavy and binge drinking has been associated with teenagers and the lower classes. Experts have sent out a stark warning however that it’s the wealthy over-50s who are doing the most damage to their health by drinking far too much.

Adding to this concern is the fact that it is a hidden health and social problem because on the outside, most wealthy middle-class people appear to be fit and healthy because they eat well and exercise regularly. They are however far more likely to drink too much compared to their less successful peers but the damage goes unnoticed because they are well presented.

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How To Have A Sober Social Life

living soberWhether you’re a recovering alcoholic, on a health kick, pregnant or you simply prefer to be tee-total, social occasions can feel like such hard work. Not only is there constant temptation all around you, but persuading other drinkers that you don’t want an alcoholic beverage is a common frustration. Here are some great tips for how you can still have a great social life whilst staying sober.

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Suicide Rates Rise Among Men With Mental Health Problems

suicide among menA report that was carried out by the University of Manchester has revealed that suicide rates amongst male mental health patients has risen by almost a third in the last decade.

The biggest increases were witnessed in men aged between 45 and 54 where the number of deaths has risen by a staggering 73% since 2006. Experts believe that one of the main causes of this is because men are very reluctant and almost feel ashamed about speaking about their health and wellbeing.

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The State Of The UKs Mental Health

Mental health in the UKNearly 10 million adults in the UK are being diagnosed with at least one mental health problem every single year. With that equating to an incredible one in four of us, it makes psychiatric treatment one of the biggest issues affecting society today.

The figures, which come from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also estimate that one in 10 children aged between five and 16 have a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder. Of these, 6% have a conduct or behavioural problem, 3% have been diagnosed with anxiety and 1% with depression. Some of the other conditions amongst children include autism, tics and eating problems.

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The Effect That Each Drink Has On The Body

drinking and the bodyWhether it has been a long and stressful day at work or you have met up with friends for a night out, many people enjoy an alcoholic beverage. With each drink you have however, what exactly is happening to your body and mind?

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The Mental Health Of New Mums Continues To Go Unaddressed

Mothers and depressionIn recent years, perinatal mental health has been recognised as a major public health concern. Many researchers and healthcare professionals have highlighted the impact of mental health problems during the perinatal period and the need for more support to new mums and their families.

The perinatal period extends from when pregnancy begins right up until the first year after the baby is born and people will no doubt be more familiar with the term, postnatal depression. Despite the fact that this now affects one in seven women, very little is still being done about it.

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Scientists Discover Binge Eating Gene In Teenagers

teen binge eatingResearchers at University College London (UCL)’s Institute of Child Health believe that they have discovered a gene that may explain why some teenagers binge on food.

A study was conducted and the results revealed that those who had a particular variation in the FTO locus were 20% more likely to binge eat. Interestingly, the trait was particularly prominent in girls as they were 30% more likely to binge eat if they had the variation.

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Ways To Relax Without Alcohol

ways to avoid drinkingMany people choose to drink during the summer which can make it hard for people in recovery. It is important to have coping strtategies and alternative activities available to help deal with cravings and to prevent relapse. With that in mind, we came up with this infographic. It gives some simple tips on how to avoid a craving for anyone in recovery or someone just trying to cut down on their drinking. This is not a complete list so if you have your own suggestions, please share them with us at our Facebook page. If you need help with alcohol abuse, you can contact us today. 

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Anxious Children Suffer From Eating Disorders

eating disorders and childrenWith more pressure than ever to achieve body perfection, concern is growing about the impact this is having on young children.

Whilst unrealistic expectations have existed since the dawn of newspapers, magazines, television and advertising, the Internet has further accelerated these feelings and the outcome is very concerning.

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Ryanair Bans Duty Free Alcohol on Flights to Ibiza

alcohol on a planeIn a bid to improve the comfort and safety of their passengers and crew, Ryanair has banned duty-free alcohol on all of their UK to Ibiza flights.

The airline has informed travelers that any alcohol purchased after security checks will have to be placed in hold luggage or be disposed of at the departure gate and all bags will be searched prior to boarding. Furthermore, any customers showing signs of anti-social behaviour or who attempt to conceal alcohol, will be denied travel without refund or compensation.

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Survey Reveals Fewer Children Are Smoking Using Alcohol Or Taking Drugs

teen drinkingFigures which have just been released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) show a positive improvement in the relationship between young children and toxic substances.

The data shows that the number of children who are trying smoking has dropped to the lowest levels on record and in fact, more have tried e-cigarettes than actual tobacco. Only 18% of youngsters today say that they have tried cigarettes whereas just over a decade ago in 2003, this figure was a whopping 42%.

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The impact that alcohol advertising has on children

alcohol addiction Although many factors (including parents, friends and the media) influence an underage person’s drinking decisions, research continues to show that advertising and marketing also play a huge part.

Evidence from long-term studies have specifically revealed that greater exposure to alcohol advertising contributes to an increase in drinking amongst underage children. For each individual advert that a young person saw (above the monthly youth average of 23), he or she was found to drink 1% more.

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