MP Says More Help Needed To Help Those Affected By Alcohol

b2ap3_thumbnail_alcohol-addiction_20151222-144436_1.jpgEx-minister, Liam Byrne has called for more to be done to help children whose parents are classed as ‘hazardous drinkers’.

After speaking about his own experiences as a child, the Labour MP has urged that more needs to be done to tackle the taboo subject and help families whose lives are being damaged by alcohol abuse.

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Surviving Christmas With An Addiction To Drugs Or Alcohol

b2ap3_thumbnail_christmas-depression_20151221-103959_1.jpgPeople in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction often struggle over the holidays. It can feel like everything and everyone is pushing you to use. Life Works mental health professionals understand this and so we have put together a little list of do's and dont's for the holidays. This list is by no means comprehensive but it does give you some groundrules for staying sober this Christmas. Remember one of, if not the most important rule is do not isolate yourself. Isoaltion feeds addiction so locking yourself away during the Christmas season is not nesisarily the best option for recovery. If you would like to learn more about recovery check out the infographic. If you need addiction help please contact us today. 

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MPs Reveal Horrifying Facts About Mental Health part two

Christmas mental healthIt’s well publicised that Britain is experiencing a mental health crisis and that much more needs to be done about it. Here, the second part of our blog reveals some of the most shocking points to come from a three-hour debate amongst MPs about mental health in the UK.

Your postcode determines how quickly you will receive treatment. In some parts of the country, 100% of patients are seen within the government’s target time but in some of the worst-hit areas such as East Cheshire, the number of people who get help within the same timeframe is just 4.6%.

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MPs Reveal Horrifying Facts About Mental Health

mental health and governmentEarlier this month, MPs had a three-hour debate about the crisis of Britain’s mental health and perhaps unsurprisingly, some horrifying facts and statistics were delivered.

Three times more people commit suicide than are killed by cars. Labour MP Kevan Jones raised this point and said that the same amount of effort needs to go into attacking suicide rates in this county as we put into road safety campaigns.

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Reasons To Stay Sober This Holiday Season

alcohol addiction recovery at Christmas Christmas can be a very tempting time for alcoholics in recovery. There are drinks everywhere and for someone newly on the wagon, it may seen like the only way to celebrate is with alcohol. With that in mind, we put together a list of reasons not to drink. This is a basic list but it is a good start and an excelent motivational tool. Check out our list and then make your own. Look at all the reasons you have to stay sober, write them down and keep that list with you. When you are really struggling, sometimes seeing what you are fighting for can give you the strength you need to stay alcohol free. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction please contact Life Works for help. Have a merry Christmas from all of us at Life Works. 

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Prisons See Huge Increase In Legal High Addiction

drug addiction in prisonFollowing the publication of new data, a charity has warned that there has been an alarming seven-fold increase in the number of prisoners who have sought help for addiction to legal highs in the last year.

The Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPt) revealed that between April and September 2015, 622 prisoners sought help for addiction to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) compared to just 87 in the same months in 2014. Concerns are also being raised about the distressing level of violence being witnessed behind bars as a result of this.

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One Third Of British Mums With Postnatal Depression Too Scared To Get Help

postnatal depression help for mothersA study carried out by Mumsnet and ITV News has revealed that almost a third (29%) of mums in Britain who have experienced postnatal depression were too scared to seek professional help.

The main reason new mums won’t seek help is because they don’t think their symptoms are bad enough to warrant medical help (81%). This was closely followed by 72% of respondents who sadly felt that they would be letting their family down by allowing themselves to get ill. Three quarters of those who wouldn’t seek help said that they were worried that if they did, it would raise concerns about their ability to care for their child.

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Surviving Christmas With An Eating Disorder Infographic

eating disorder helpEating disorders are some of the most difficult mental illnesses to treat simply because those in recovery can not avoide their triggers. Alcoholics can avoide drink, drug addicts can find places free of narcotics but everyone has to eat. With so much food available at the holidays, that can make recovering from an eating disorder very difficult. With that in mind, The counsellors at Life Works have some simple tips that can help people suffering from an ED get through the holidays safely and happily. While these are not a guarantee of success, following these 10 steps will give you the edge you need to stay in recovery and enjoy the holidays. If you need help with your ED please visit Life Works Eating Disorder Treatment Page

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Less Than One Quarter Of Women Know Alcohol Can Cause Breast Cancer

b2ap3_thumbnail_girl-glass-drinking-silhouette_20151215-102032_1.jpgAccording to a joint survey carried out by Cancer Research UK and Bupa, less than 25% of women are aware that drinking alcohol can increase their risk of developing breast cancer.

In a bid to discover how much women know about the risks of breast cancer, women having a mammogram screening or who were being checked for symptoms were questioned about whether or not they were aware of the link. Of those who did know, at least half were unaware of how much alcohol is in a glass of wine or a pint of beer.

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Brits Are Some Of the Worse Binge Drinkers In The World

alcohol abuseThe Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned that Britain’s health system is still lagging behind many other developed countries in terms of our high rates of smoking, obesity and binge drinking.

Following the results of the Health At A Glance 2015 Indicators For Alcohol Report, they have emphasised that ‘urgent attention’ is needed as Britain is struggling to make progress on reducing its rates of binge drinking.

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More Than Half Of Women Cancel Plans At Christmas Because Of Fat Days

eating disorder helpA new survey carried out by has revealed that almost three quarters of British women have turned down an event invitation at Christmas despite being able to attend.

Highlighting just how badly low self esteem effects women, over half of those surveyed said the reason they didn’t want to go somewhere is because they were having a ‘fat day’. This term describes when someone is feeling self-conscious about how others will judge their weight and appearance and whether or not they live up to conventional beauty standards.

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Dealing With Depression During Christmas

depression infographicDepression during the holidays can be a terrible burden to carry but it is important to understand that you are not alone. Depression affects millions of people and knowing this can make people suffering from this mental illness feel at least some reliefe. In order to better understand depression, Life Works has created this infographic. It will help you understand who depression affects, when it is likely to strike and what can bring it on. If you are suffering from depression, make sure you speak to your doctor about the problem and get help. You can recover and Life Works can help. If you would like to know more about our depression treatment, please contact us today

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Living Close To Good Transport Links Boosts Mental Health

mental health and transport linksA new study has found that living in close proximity to good public transport links could reduce our chances of suffering from depression and the need to be prescribed anti-depressants.

The study was published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and looked at five characteristics which might impact our quality of life including development density, land use, public space, cultural and sport facilities and transport access.

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Understand Why Men Experience Depression Differently

depression in menThere’s no doubt about it, depression affects both men and women. Countless studies have suggested however that the way we experience mental illness differs depending on our gender.

Aside from the typical symptoms of depression, men commonly report feeling a deep despair that won’t go away. They may feel drained of energy and emotionally cut off from everything and everyone. A man who is depressed can be in a state of constant agitation, he may feel restless, irritable and on edge.

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Middle Aged Mothers Are Hidden Drinkers

mothers alcohol abuseHealth experts have warned that middle-aged mothers whose children have left home are becoming the fastest growing group of hazardous drinkers who are putting their health at risk.

Shockingly, two-fifths admit to drinking as much or even more than their grown-up children and a quarter say that they have increased their alcohol consumption since their kids left home. Despite this, 95% of those who were surveyed said that they are not concerned about their level of drinking and they don’t believe that they are damaging their health.

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How Much Does The Fashion Industry Affect Women's Body Image

eating disorder helpThe rise and cause of eating disorders has been long-debated and with more young girls suffering from anorexia, bulimia and now orthorexia than ever before, health experts are desperate to find out the causes once and for all.

The fashion industry and media frequently get the blame for putting too much pressure on young women and nowadays, even men. Whilst many would argue that everyone is exposed to the same images and not everybody develops an eating disorder, it’s undeniable that these industries are giving women unrealistic expectations about what they should look like.

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Smoking Skunk Causes Brain Damage

cannabis and the brainA new study carried out by researchers at King’s College London has found that smoking super-strength cannabis can cause significant brain damage.

The skunk variant of marijuana was found to damage the corpus callosum - the part of the brain which carries signals between the left and right sides of the brain. This is known to lead to an increased risk of mental illness and psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and slowed down brain activity.

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More Than Half Of UK Parents Never Talk To Their Kids About Mental Health

mental health and childrenA new survey has revealed that more than half of parents in England have never spoken to their children about stress, anxiety or depression.

Despite the fact that one in 10 young children are now experiencing mental health problems, worryingly, 45% of the parents questioned said the reason why they haven’t approached the subject with their children is because ‘mental health is not an issue.’

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The Top Five Things That Stress Brits

The top causes of stressWe all feel stress from time-to-time and it’s something that has impacted every single one of us at some point in our lives. Perhaps this is why we regard it as a minor issue that doesn’t require serious attention.

Stress is actually a big problem in the UK however. It is affecting more and more of us, it’s the biggest cause of sick leave, 44% of us suffer from long-term stress and it costs the country an incredible £10 billion every year.

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World Drug Addiction Highlighted In New UN Data

world wide drug addictionData from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been used to create a new interactive map which shows everything from how many people are using drugs to how many die from overdoses around the world.

When it comes to which countries are using the most drugs, this was found to vary from substance to substance. Cannabis is used the most in Iceland, the US and New Zealand whereas cocaine use was the most predominant in Scotland, Spain and the US.

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