A New App Could Help Recovering Alcoholics Stay Clean

alcohol addiction app.jpgThe new app called Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System or A-CHESS was developed by app creator David Gustafson to help people recovering from alcohol addiction stay clean.

A recent study shows that the app increases users chances of staying clean and shortens the number of days people drank if they relapsed. The app works by providing guided relaxation techniques and giving users alerts when they come close to a bar or other triggering location.


The app is based on 30 years of research and is designed to be a long term aid for people after they leave their primary treatment. Gustafson said that only around one in four recovering alcoholics abstain from drinking for their first year. Those that receive continuing treatment are much more likely to stay abstinent

The problem, Gustafson said, is that many people do not have access to continuing treatment or aftercare. This means many people walk out of their initial treatment and into a world where they have to face their addiction alone.

While this new app is not a replacement for aftercare or continued treatment, it does provide a helpful tool to aid the recovering addict in staying clean. It does this by providing users with an array of addiction fighting functions. There are audio setting on the app to make the service more accessible to people struggling with literacy. The app has a panic button that instantly puts you in contact with your supporters and the online community. The app monitors certain behaviours to help assess a user’s risk of relapse.  A-CHESS has reminders and alerts that help people stick to their goals and avoid temptation. The app, provides addiction related educational materials and some tools that are designed around the needs of individual users. A-CHESS also provides internet based information and resources.

All of these things are of course no substitute for a qualified aftercare program but they may be the only aftercare that some people can afford. In any case, this new app is the only thing an addict can carry with them that will provide such a wide variety of help with their recovery.  

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