Alcohol Addiction linked to cancer cases

Alcohol Addiction linked to increased cancer chanceIt has long been known that even moderate use of alcohol can increase the incidence of cancers, especially breast cancer and cancers of the mouth and oesophagus. However, recent research in Australia has shown that the causal effects of alcohol are much higher than previously thought.


From this research it has been shown that 22% of breast cancer cases, 51% of oesophagus cancers and 41% of mouth cancers are linked with even moderate alcohol use.

While this research is alarming in itself and highlights the need for the general population to limit its alcohol intake, for people struggling with alcohol addiction this becomes even more concerning.

Obviously, just knowing the fact that the substance you are using addictively can dramatically damage your health is not going to be enough to get you into recovery and maintain your sobriety. The cold, hard medical facts will never be enough to stop you reaching for the bottle when old thoughts and feelings become unbearable and your instinct to self-soothe with alcohol kicks in.

However, in your moments of sobriety you might have enough clarity and wisdom to know that you need to do something different. You might finally realise that it is time to stop polluting your body and mind with toxins and that your medical, psychological and spiritual well-being need to become priorities. By addressing what has lead you to use alcohol addictively you can start to learn healthier ways to take care of yourself and can begin valuing your mind and body, your self, enough to take better care of them. Being with other people who really understand your struggle and who can walk alongside you on the path of recovery is central.

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