Alcohol awareness week 2011 - its effectiveness

The vast majority of people are able to go their entire lives drinking and never develop any problems because of it. Despite this, more education on how exactly alcohol interacts with our bodies is important information that everyone should know. The national agency, Alcohol Concern, aims to provide this information.

In a society where we work harder, putting in longer hours than ever, for less pay alcohol is seen as an easily obtainable form of escapism for many. Our binge drinking culture is on the increase despite government campaigns to lower the figures and our youth are turning to alcohol earlier than previous generations with alcohol related liver disease being reported in increasingly younger individuals.

Alcohol awareness week which is run by the national agency on alcohol misuse Alcohol Concern aims to make us all stop and think for a moment about our own alcohol consumption and the consequences of it.  The Government are in the process of launching a new national strategy for alcohol which indicates that a few days off between drinking is the safest way to enjoy alcohol and allow your liver to repair. It appears that many of us have been under the impression that if we adhere to the recommended guidelines of so many units per day we will come to no harm, this no longer appears to be the case.

It is incredibly easy if you have had a tough day at the office to come home and have a glass of wine with your meal, a whiskey or two as a nightcap before bed just to de-stress, but are you really aware of what that could be doing to yourself in the long run? Alcohol Concern’s, Alcohol Awareness Week this year asks us to look at not only the personal damage we are creating for ourselves but also at the cost of alcohol on our society as a whole. It also focuses very strongly on recognising when someone close to us could be drinking more than they ought to and what steps you can take to help them. The effectiveness of these campaigns and others like them is variable but they do work, some use shock tactics with strong visual images to make us stop and think, this one offers the truth on a plate for anyone willing to stomach it.

Many of us are ill informed when it comes to our personal drinking habits and campaigns such as this aim to rectify that. The fact is we all deserve to be educated about exactly what dangers and risks we are putting ourselves under, for only then are we able to make informed decisions about how to best conduct ourselves. Treatments for alcohol addiction are plentiful and varied now with many treatment centres offering flexible choices to suit individual needs. Further information on events and goals can be found at

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