Alcohol Free Bars Making a Splash

alcohol free bardA growing number of alcohol free bars are popping up in the UK sporting the slogan, “all the nightlife, hold the hangover.”

These new dry bars are often funded by charities trying to fight alcohol abuse. They offer patrons the ability to have all the fun and socialisation of a night out without having to drink or put up with other drunken patrons.

 This idea has caught on among some English youth. Some are saying that a night out without all the drinking is more than just avoiding the hangover. They are able to save a great deal of money because they do not have to buy drinks and they can get themselves home much more easily. The atmosphere is also a draw for some as it is reported to be quite laid back and relaxed.

This new type of bar may see in increase in customers as drinking rates appear to be falling. That is according to a sky new statistic which shows the number of people between 25 and 44 who reported drinking in the past week dropped from 74% to 63% for men and from 62% to 50% for women between 2005 and 2012.

These new bars are also a great way for people recovering from alcoholism to get back out and socialise. These people often have to give up a great deal of their social lives because their idea of a night out centred on drinking. When these people enter recovery, they often avoid their old social scenes, often for good reason. This can leave them feeling a bit left out. With so many events and venues centred around or at least serving alcohol, a dry bar can be a great place for a recovering alcoholic to go in order to kick-start their new life without jeopardising their progress in recover. 

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