An Alcohol Antidote in Pill Form

alcohol and enzymesScientists have discovered a new way to sober people up quickly and efficiently. By injecting a drunken person with nanocapsules, doctors may one day be able to remove alcohol from their system at a highly accelerated rate.

This not only reduces the need to pump peoples stomachs. It could be a valuable treatment both for addiction and acute alcohol poisoning.

The new treatment works using enzymes. These are highly reactive proteins that can trigger a variety of different chemical reactions in the body. If multiple enzymes work together, they can do a vast array of jobs. For years scientists have been working in hopes to take advantage of enzymes but until recently, there was no way for scientists to keep the enzymes stable and in the right order.

By using a new non-toxic polymer shell, researchers have found a way to turn a series of enzymes into alcohol eating machines.

These could then be ingested or injected and would clear the body of alcohol in record time.

Scientists say, the new nonocapsules work like liver cells. They break down the alcohol and turn it into a harmless compound.

This new enzyme nanocapsule technology also has applications across multiple addictions. Theoretically scientists can use these capsules to destroy heroin, cocaine and many other drugs in a patients system.

This could be used to aid detox, counteract overdoses and help treat relapses. Because the medication is fast acting it could be applied by EMTs and other first responders when they come across someone who is severely intoxicated. This would limit the amount of damage the alcohol has on the body and help prevent any more alcohol in a patients stomach from absorbing.

Currently, scientists are testing the drug in mice. They have fond that it sobers the furry little drinkers up much faster than simply letting the mice metabolise the alcohol naturally.

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