And Then There is Surrender, By Jamie Moon

12 steps jamie moonHere we are at Step Three of the 12 steps again, where we Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God. We must Surrender. We must Surrender our will. We must recognise that our will was misdirected and our lives certainly could do with some improvement.

A dictionary definition of surrender says “to yield (something) to the power of another” and “to deliver up control under duress.” In our case we are surrendering/yielding our will and our lives to the Power of a Higher Power. Or as has happened with many of us, we are delivering up control of our will and our lives under great duress. That duress has come to us in the guise of our latest addiction/obsession in life. But what does it look like to Surrender this will and life we are yielding? And where does it go to?

The last question first, where does our will and our lives go to if we Surrender it to this unknown Higher Power thingy? An obvious answer would be to the care of God. And anyone that sees that is of course right since that is what we have asked for. So what does that care look like? For me it has taken many forms as the times I have perfectly surrendered. It has been the ease of life at work; the peace life in a once violent home; the funding of the work I do. It has been having fellowship friends give me a place to stay and then housing suddenly taken care of and then other friends filling my flat with furnishings. Most importantly to me is me being the most grateful I have ever been in my life, whilst homeless.

The answer to the first question, what does it look like to Surrender this will and life we are yielding? We begin by surrendering to each of the Principles we have been learning as we go through the Steps. So far we have five Principles to live by instead of the so called, character defects that we have been defending ourselves and our beliefs with till now. I must always remember that if I remain conscious of the life I am trying to live today, all is well. So to surrender to the care of God is the most gentle of experiences there is. Resisting however, well that is where all our pain seems to come from.

Is it a one time thing? Not in my experience. Though I have learned that if I Surrender willingly and daily many times; literally abandoning my fight against “everyone and everything” life is filled with nothing but peace and happiness. A life of giving this back to others, what else could I ask for?

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