App Raises Awareness For Morning After Drink Driving

drinking appAlthough the number of people driving home intoxicated after a night at the pub continues to fall, one in five drivers admit to getting into their car the next morning even though they can still feel the effects of the previous nights session.

Whilst some are aware that they probably shouldn’t be on the road, an even higher percentage are getting into their car without even realising that there’s a possibility that they could still be over the limit.

In a bid to combat this issue, a free app called the Morning After Calculator is now available from Google Play and iTunes. It works out approximately how long it takes for alcohol to pass through your body and has been designed to stop people from unknowingly drink-driving the morning after consuming a few drinks.

It not only calculates how many units a user has consumed, it will also give a rough guide as to when they are alcohol-free and safe to drive once again. Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member David Hall commented:

“This app is not intended to help people work out how much they can drink on a night out before driving home and it won’t help if you are arrested for drink-driving. What this app will do is calculate roughly how long alcohol stays in the body - which is useful to remind us all just how long it takes to return to normal following a heavy night.”

Dr Paul Wallace, Drinkaware’s Chief Medical Advisor added:

“Imagine you’re drinking until three of four in the morning and you wake up at 8am. If you’ve had six or seven units, you could still have several units of alcohol in your body when you start your day because your body can only process around one unit an hour. With several units of alcohol still in your body, you would still be over the drink-drive limit.”

Do you think this is a useful app that will help to prevent the number of people unknowingly drive over the limit first thing in the morning? Would it deter you from getting in the car or is an app on your phone too easy to ignore? Feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page. If you are struggling with alcohol abuse, please contact us today.

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