Assets and Vulnerabilities for Alcohol Addiction Treatement

Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Assets in alcohol addiction treatment

People bring varied assets and vulnerabilities to alcohol addiction treatment. For ourselves or our loved ones, understanding what matters and what works is vital to increasing the chances of success. It’s called alcohol addiction treatment for a reason: we have a medical and psychological condition that responds to proper treatment. Like other medical conditions, it’s not a matter of character or willpower. Like many conditions, sometimes we can manage it with knowledge, changes in behavior, and changes in how we think; sometimes we need medical care as well.  A sound alcohol addiction treatment programme adapts to one’s needs rather than offering a cookie-cutter approach.


Assets for alcohol addiction treatment


What resources help?  One that anyone can increase is knowledge. It is power, as people say; we should learn all we can about both the problem and the solution. So it’s best to find a programme with an educational component. Another big aid is support from family and friends. Addiction is often a family illness, but at Life Works we recognize the flip side, that recovery can be a family solution. Having loved ones who want to understand and help is tremendously useful, during and after alcohol addiction treatment, so the education should include them.  A third essential is acceptance – not giving up and accepting doom, but acknowledging the facts of the situation. As with any other problem, only when we know where we are can we plan realistically to get where we want to go.


Vulnerabilities in alcohol addiction treatment


It’s also essential to beware of vulnerabilities that can sabotage our recovery in alcohol addiction treatment and afterward.  A common one: denial or complacency – “Am I really an addict? Was it really so bad?” After some sober time, we can forget painful details and think of experimenting; it’s good to find ways to keep our perspective realistic. People may think, “If I can’t handle it, I’ll go back to alcohol addiction treatment again.” But getting sober once doesn’t guarantee we can do it again. Another to watch: a desire to test our “strength” in situations of temptation. Remember, it’s not about strength. It’s best not to tempt fate, or addiction.


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