Berkshire Pub Goers Face Breathalyser

brethalyser Berkshire In a bid to reduce alcohol-related disorder, pub and club-goers in parts of Berkshire face being breathalysed upon entry. Anyone who is believed to be ‘overly intoxicated’ could be tested and refused entry if they are found to have already ‘had enough’ when they arrive at the door.

The scheme, #2drunk2 was launched last weekend in Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot and if successful, will be rolled out across other parts of Berkshire. The decision to introduce the breathalyser machines follows growing concern about anti-social behaviour caused by revelers who are drunk before they even set off for their night out.

It has been acknowledged that one of the reasons why people may be drinking at home before heading out is because clubs and bars have cut back on happy hours and cheap drink deals due to increasing pressure from alcohol concern groups. Although these measures have been introduced to reduce alcohol consumption, in order to make nights out more affordable, people are simply getting drunk at home prior to heading out.

A sergeant from the Thames Valley Police explained:

“We are working with the licensed trade to ensure that our towns stay safe. We are trying to improve the quality of our night-time economy so any moves towards achieving that are very welcome. I would reiterate however that ultimately, responsibility for how much a person drinks lies with the individual.

Do you think that being breathalysed at pub and club doors is a good way to curb out anti-social behaviour or is the scheme taking things a step too far? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page. If you are worried about your own alcohol consumption, please contact us today.

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