Biffy Clyro drummer opens up about alcohol problem

The drummer from popular British rock band Biffy Clyro has opened up about his alcohol addiction that threatened to tear the group apart.

During an interview with the Scotsman, Ben Johnston revealed he has sought professional help and attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in a bid to resolve the issue, which came to a head when the platinum-selling act were on tour.

The musician admitted he began downing pints of wine and suffering regular blackouts while promoting material with his fellow band members Simon Neil and twin brother James Johnston.

His addiction resulted in the breakdown of his relationship with singer Neil, while his bassist sibling was said to be "on a knife edge" because of his unruly behaviour.

At one point, the problem became so out of control that it threatened the band's rise to be multi-million selling artists and among the most popular live acts in the world.

Johnston claimed he began to black out after drinking five pints of beer so moved on to consuming white wine spritzers, but this quickly escalated to pints of wine.

The addiction saw him begin to turn up late for rehearsals and missing scheduled flights - leading Johnston to believe the band were falling apart at the seams.

However, Johnston's issues came to a head when Biffy Clyro were taking part in recording sessions in Santa Monica, but he collapsed and injured himself as a result of heavy drinking, cutting his ear in the process.

As a result, the talented drummer decided it was about time he attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Los Angeles.
Since then, he has been completely sober and did not even touch a drop of alcohol on his wedding day.

Commenting on his progress, Ben's brother said: "Ben could have potentially ended up a lonely old person who one day stopped drinking and suddenly realised he’d got no one. I’m so proud of him. We’re back to three pals in a room."

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