Binge Drinking Among Young People Lowers The Immune System

binge drinkingBinge drinking can have a number of negative effects. Binge drinking increases the risk of falling, getting burned, sustaining a gunshot wound, being in a car accident and a number of other traumatic injuries. But scientists have just added another item to the list of negative effects caused by binge drinking.

In a study of young adults, those who binge drank saw a marked decrease in their immune systems. Now scientists already knew that binge drinking reduces the body’s ability to heal after a traumatic injury but this new research shows that binge drinkers immune systems actually slow down. This could leave the drinker more prone to illness and hamper any immune response already underway. Binge drinking can also disrupt sleep patters which may further impair immune responses.

All of these issues come together to make binge drinking incredibly dangerous. For those who are still unconvinced about the dangers of binge drinking, we need look no further than the local trauma ward. One third of all trauma patients have alcohol in their systems.

What really makes binge drinking so risky is the combination of all the problems it causes. Binge drinkers are more likely to sustain serious injuries in a variety of ways. At the same time, their body is far less prepared to fight off infection from these injuries or repair itself after the injury has occurred.

With this in mind, it is important to understand what binge drinking is and keep alcohol consumption within the recommended levels. The NHA says that binge drinking is consuming more than double the lower risk guidelines for alcohol in one drinking session. For men that would be more than 6 units of alcohol, for women that would be more than 4 units. Any more than this is considered binge drinking.

If you would like to learn more about alcohol abuse you can check out our Alcohol Knowledge Centre. If you are concerned about your own drinking you can check out our alcohol addiction treatment page or contact us today.

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