Binge Drinking In Men Peaks At 25

Binge drinkingIn a new study that has examined 60,000 participants ranging from adolescents to those over 90, it has been revealed that the amount of alcohol men drink reaches its highest limit around the age of 25.

Whilst alcohol consumption sharply rises during the carefree teenage years, surprisingly, it reaches the highest levels of frequency and volume in the mid-20s. Although many might expect young boys to drink the most whilst they are students, it’s thought that the increase in their 20s comes down to the fact that alcohol plays a huge part in most social and corporate events at this age.

At this stage in their life it was found that men were drinking on average 23 units per week - the equivalent of nine 4% strength pints. A similar but less dramatic pattern was seen amongst women who were found to be averaging eight units per week at this age.

From their late twenties it was found that drinking amongst men declines before plateauing in their 30s and 40s. Worryingly however, frequent drinking amongst men was found to make a return once again in later life.

Lead Researcher of the study which was carried out at the University College London, Annie Britton commented:

“I wasn’t shocked to see that alcohol volume changes over the life course, but the high proportion of older men drinking daily is a bit alarming. It raises concerns that they are becoming dependent on alcohol and there are risks in this age group with mixing alcohol with medications.”

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