Blue Eyes Cause Alcohol Risk

blue eyes and alcohol A new study from the University of Vermont shows that people with blue eyes are more likely to become alcohol addicts.

The study looked at more than 1,263 Americans of European decent and found that those with blue eyes were most likely to develop an alcohol addiction. This research came on the heels of a study showing that people with light coloured eyes drink more on average than their darker eyed counterparts.

The researchers were able to control for factors like age, sex and genetic ancestor to help eliminate other potential factors in their test subjects.

Scientists believe that this new information could be used in clinics as part of an alcohol dependency diagnosis.

The link between alcohol abuse and eye colour could all come down to genetics. The team of researchers found a link between a gene that relates to alcohol addiction and a gene that controls eye colour. While the link between the two genes is not clear, as researchers look at it more closely, it could reveal more about alcohol addiction in general.

While some people mock this research as being just another pointless study, if there is a link between eye colour and a genetic predisposition to addiction, it could help people make better decisions about their drinking. By warning people that they are at an increased risk of a certain mental illness, it would be possible to prevent some instances of alcohol addiction and it might help catch some people’s alcohol abuse before it gets out of hand.

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