Brits Seriously Under report Their Drinking

Brits drink more than they thinkWhen questioned about our alcohol consumption by our doctor or even an anonymous survey, most people will have knocked off the odd drink here or there. Whether this is done out of embarrassment or we genuinely forget about the occasional drink, its incredibly difficult to get an accurate representation of how much alcohol the UK is consuming.

Researchers have just exposed the extent of the gap between the amount people say they are drinking and the amount that is actually being sold. The results make for shocking reading as only 60% of the total amount of alcohol being sold is accounted for which is the equivalent of an incredible 12 million bottles of wine per week.

It is thought that one of the main reasons why so much alcohol is being unaccounted for is because while people may generally be good at accurately reporting their typical drinking patterns from week to week, they may forget about the drinking they do on special occasions such as bank holidays, weddings, parties and big sporting events.

Of the participants that were surveyed, the greatest impact was witnessed amongst the 25 to 34-year age group. They had the highest typical consumption as well as an increase of 18 units per week when there was a special occasion. Those who reported the lowest typical consumption showed large relative increases in consumption (209.3%) with most of their drinking associated with special occasions.

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