Caffeine can help to deal with stress, depression and memory loss

Depression and caffeine There’s good news for those who can’t start the day without their morning coffee hit. Scientists have claimed that caffeine can be beneficial when trying to cope with stress and could even prevent depression and memory loss.

An international team of scientists looked at the different ways in which caffeine has an effect on the brain by adding the stimulant to the drinking water of mice. They were then put in stressful conditions where it was found that the caffeine did in fact have a calming effect on the rodents.

Professor Rodrigo Chuna who led the study commented:

“If the animal is not stressed there isn’t a very evident change in physiological parameters or behaviour. However, if you introduce changes to the lifestyle of the animals, what we see is they cope much better.”

Chuna went on to explain that although caffeine does not make the system work better, it does prevent the system from going into the wrong way of working. Therefore, the stimulant is more of a prevention of deterioration rather than an improvement.

Previous studies have also looked into the effect that caffeine has and identified that that there is a link between caffeine and reduced stress or severity of depression. It was unclear however whether this was down to the social aspect of enjoying a cup of tea or coffee or the caffeine itself.

Chuna was keen to confirm that it is in fact caffeine that causes this:

“Because the mice didn’t go to the coffee shop, they didn’t spend more time with each other. All those factors were controlled and the only variable was the intake of caffeine.”

Do you think that a cup of tea or coffee can be beneficial when it comes to dealing with stress and depression? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page. If you are struggling with depression you can contact Life Works for help.

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