Cleaning Up the Wreckage of the Past

12 steps jamie moonJamie Moon discuses how to clean up after an addiction.Before we move on to the so called Maintenance Steps, I’d like to talk about the first nine. Let me share with you what is very clear for me today. A thorough house cleaning is necessary for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction or, probably controversial to some, eating disorder treatment such as bulimia and anorexia; no matter what else one does once the addictive activity is arrested. I am currently working with one with all those lovely health issues. What is clear to me is that without that thorough cleaning up of our past and changing the way one thinks there is no chance of recovery.

As Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem. To focus on the addiction or obsessive behavior is to keep the problem intact. Now what the first nine Steps accomplish is a thorough first attempt at ridding us of being dominated by our past. Why do I say first attempt? The reason is simple. Though we do the best we can there is little chance that we will have healed it all. And that is what the next three Steps are all about. We’ve taken a broad stroke at changing our lives. Done thoroughly to the best of our ability; amazing change will occur.

I look at it this way. The first three Steps are my commitment to God/Higher Power whatever you wish to call it and the Program. That I must do on a daily basis. If I don’t my lovely ego steps in and all hell breaks out. The following six Steps teach me how to take inventory of myself and how to clean that up. This is a great training for future Step Ten’s. Because everything that is done in that process is now done in my daily Step Ten work. Whether I find that Step work, includes a Spot Check inventory or written Step work; I will use all six Steps in those processes.

Now we are clearly at Steps Ten, Eleven and Twelve—the Maintenance Steps. Now I’ve stated that I must do the first three Steps on a daily basis. So actually, I feel I must include the first three Steps in my Maintenance Steps. And since the next six Steps are actually worked each time I work the Tenth Step that means I am actually working all the Steps in my Maintenance Steps. So, they should be fun to look at…

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