Depression Common in Early Parkinson’s


DepressionA new study has investigated the impact that Parkinsons Disease can have on mental health and found that depression is more common in the early stages of the condition.

The study, which was carried out in America examined 423 people who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons against a group of healthy volunteers. At the outset, 14% of patients with Parkinsons Disease were found to have depression compared to just 6.6% of the healthy volunteers.

The researchers also found that fatigue, apathy and anxiety were more common at the time of diagnosis compared to the healthy controls. It was however found that apathy and psychosis increased over the two year period in those who suffered from Parkinsons whilst in the control group, a decrease was noted.

At the start of the study, 16% of patients with Parkinsons were taking an anti-depressant and this increased to 25% two years later. More worryingly however, it was found that 65-72% of patients who screened positive for depression werent being treated with any medication.

Professor David Burn from the University of Newcastle said depression can frequently be a sign of Parkinsons.

It is well-recognised that people do get depression and anxiety up to 10 years before they develop Parkinsons disease. People recognise the tremor and movement problems of Parkinsons but the disease actually starts in the brain, affecting certain chemicals. This can cause sleep problems initially and can also lead to minor forms of depression.

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