Depression Is Googled Every Two Seconds In The UK

depression helpThe beginning of this week marked Blue Monday which is supposedly the unhappiest day of the year. Although this day would have come and gone without too much of a thought for many, for others it was a stark reminder of how stress, depression and anxiety is an everyday battle for them.

Depression is in fact becoming so prevalent in the UK that the latest figures have revealed the term is Googled every two seconds. This equates to 27 online searches every minute. ‘Stress’ isn’t far behind with 22 searches per minute and ‘anxiety’ closely follows with 21 Google searches every 60 seconds.

If you calculate these figures into a monthly statistic it means that there is an average of 1,171,770 searches made in the UK every month around ‘depression’, 939,820 about ‘stress’ and 907,620 about ‘anxiety.”

Dr Jeanette Downie, Deputy Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist commented how the number of people searching for mental health diagnoses online highlights the stigma around mental health. Rather than seeking medical help from their doctor or speaking to friends and family about their issues people are instead using the Internet so that nobody has to know about their concerns.

Dr Downie continued:

“The continued stigma around mental health encourages people to use the non-judgemental search bar of Google. I see some highly successful people who are terrified of others finding out that they are depressed or stressed and feel they have absolutely failed by being ill. They often wait until they are really unwell before they seek help.”

To learn more about depression,, visit our Depression Knowledge Centre. If you are worried about depression and anxiety please feel free to visit our Depression and Anxiety Treatment Programmes Page for more information about the signs, symptoms and treatments available. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone don’t hesitate to contact Life Works in the strictest of confidence and we will be more than happy to help.

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