Difficult Twenties for Depressed Teenagers

Depressed TeenagerA newly published study from the United States has shown strong connections between depression in adolescents and later difficulties in the sufferers twenties. The study shows that damaging actions and habits such as alcoholism are more likely in such individuals. "Our research shows that depressed adolescents are more likely to suffer from numerous problems over the first ten years of adulthood. These include ongoing difficulties with mental illness, alcohol abuse, poor physical health, and inadequate social support networks” said author Ian Coleman from the University of Ottawa.


 While the direct reasons for this connection are still open to debate, it may be the case that pressure from peers causes young sufferers of depression to develop issues with self esteem, particularly when it comes to comparing their early life with those of their peers that do not suffer from such problems. Such damaging examination can be a breeding ground for self-doubt and other negative issues to develop.


Ian Coleman and his team have found that depression amongst teenagers is remarkably common, with up to twenty percent of adolescents across the world suffering. The particularly stressful period of perceived childhood to adulthood and adult responsibilities places significant strain and stress on any individual, putting sufferers of adolescent depression at further risk of complications in their adult life.


While the study found no link between a lowered success rate in terms of marriage or career advancement, it has been found that adolescents that have suffered from depression are a shocking five times more likely to use antidepressants during their twenties than other teenagers. It has also been found that such individuals are three times more likely to smoke and twice as likely to have issues with alcohol abuse. It was also found that adolescents suffering from depression were shown to be much more likely to have issues with migraines as well as issues with self-esteem.


Knowledge of these issues will help raise awareness in adolescents suffering from depression, helping preparation for twenties by arming the individual in question with knowledge that may help them look at their situation in life more objectively and fairly.


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