Drugs and Drinking Ruin Sex According to a New Report

drugs effect on sexThere have been many different opinions surrounding the use of drugs during sex. Some people believe that taking drugs or drinking will enhance a sexual experience while others maintain that it is detrimental.

In order to solve this dispute, scientists at the University of Granada, Spain and Santo Tomas University in Colombia designed an experiment to test the effects of drugs and drinking on sex. The results show that those who drink or do drugs before sex are probably doing it wrong.

Specifically, the study found that both drugs and alcohol can have permanent and negative effects on an individual’s sexual performance. Even after years of abstinence, those who abused drugs were more likely to experience negative sexual side effects.

Of the 905 men tested, those that did drugs or drank experienced moderate to significantly impaired sexual performance when compared to a control group.

The research examined four main areas of sexual performance. Sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, sexual arousal and orgasm. Researchers found that different drugs had different impacts on sex.

Those most affected were heavy drinkers. They were likely to have erectile dysfunction along with other sexual problems.

People who used cocaine heroin or speedballs had a heightened sexual desire but a decreased performance, and orgasm.

These findings indicate that, while substance abuse may seem to enhance sex, it has overwhelmingly negative side effects in the long term.

Along with decreased performance, substance abuse can have other negative effects on sex. Many people forget that alcohol and opiates like heroin are actually depressants. This means it can actually decrease a user’s interest in sex.

With stimulants like cocaine, users may take the drug in order to gain confidence or enhance sex. Unfortunately this has led to an increase in unprotected sex which means cocaine users are 1.5 times more likely to be HIV positive. Many people also swear cocaine is an aphrodisiac, but it can actually have the exact opposite effect. While the drug can increase sexual desire, cocaine often delays or impairs the ability to achieve orgasm. Worse still, those who use large amounts of cocaine often see a substantial decrease in their sex drive and end up having far less sex than the average person.

While these findings may not stop people from using drugs, they may help dispel some of the rumours around drugs and sex that often entice people into using for the first time.

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