drunkorexia Experts have begun to recognise a new dangerous trend of eating disorder. It combines not eating sufficient food with binge drinking and has been termed drunkorexia by the media. It appears that both genders engage in this behavior, but for different reasons.Eating disorders and alcohol addiction both pose a significant risk to your health, but researchers are now alarmed to have discovered that people are using one to aid the other. Labelled ‘drunkorexia’ by the media (as there is no definitive term for the condition as yet), this phenomenon is clearly a growing problem.

The term refers to those who use anorexic behaviours to save calories for drinking alcohol.  Up until now, research has only been carried out in the United States, which shows that almost one in five students practise drunkorexia at some point or another. The media in Britain seems to confirm these results: often portraying young people as binge drinkers, the press have observed that many don’t eat before they consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

The research from the United States has shown that men and women partake in such activity for very different reasons. Women are more likely to forgo eating because of their desire to stay slim - drinking excessively means an enormous calorie intake, aside from incurring more serious risks. Men are more likely to forgo eating simply to become intoxicated more quickly. Studies have long shown that it is wise to eat before drinking alcohol, and that consuming more than the government’s recommended units will adversely affect health.

Of course, eating disorders and alcohol addiction are both extremely detrimental, but combining the two is explosive. If the brain is deprived of the nutrients necessary for it to function adequately then it is starved before it has even been affected by alcohol. Once the senses and motor skills have been altered as well as starved, the body simply can’t cope. Neglecting your body’s needs for the sake of consuming alcohol puts you and your health at great risk. Not only can excessive drunkenness cause a person to partake in substance abuse and dangerous sexual activity, but studies have also shown that personal injury is another of the potential consequences. Add to this the serious health conditions that can form in later life, and it is clear that drunkorexia is an extremely dangerous trend.

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