“I’ve done the Steps. They don’t work for me.” Poppycock… By Jamie Moon

Jamie Moon 12 stepsJamie Moon talks about step ten and taking inventory regularly.Just like the body the mind is a healing machine. Every time we have a reaction to something or someone that pain is a notification to us of something to be healed. As I said before in the first nine Steps we have cleaned house to the best of our ability. But just as cleaning an actual house it will not stay that way. If we wish to maintain a peaceful, calm, contented and well balanced life, we need to do our daily cleaning. We cannot rest on our laurels as the Big Book warns. The first nine Steps were the beginning of a life long process.

Does that mean that we are going to have to stop everything during the day and do some writing every time we are disturbed? That would be very disruptive to our daily lives. Thankfully we are given a Spot Check Inventory for when we are “tangled up” during our busy days. It is a formula to be used when these disturbances are small. In fact when they are so small the ego-mind says, “Don’t bother doing that spot check thing, we can handle this.” And when we run into something we see as huge our ego-mind says, “Don’t bother with that spot check thingy, it’s too simple to handle this. It won’t work so why bother?”

But it does work. It cannot fail. And it really is so simple it is easy to doubt it. Most of the time if we catch it when it is not much more than a brain storm; it’s only three simple steps. These being small—the simple plaster of the Spot Check Inventory is what this is. But if it goes further we then often owe amends. Then of course there is the process at the end of the day, where we look at our day. We make sure that none of these plasters have come off or were insufficient for the wound. When we see that something still smarts then we do the deep inventory process.

The final part of the Tenth Step process is the annual or semi-annual review and housecleaning. Where it is said that we go off with our Sponsor’s to review the period since our last inventory. This one is designed to grow our Program, to expand our understanding of the Steps. Few of us actually do all and often not any of these Tenth Step processes—unfortunately. Not only was I one that didn’t but I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands caught in their ignorance, believing they had done the Steps. It is a simple fact that one cannot be “done” with the Steps. They must be continued. I have heard way too many, suffering in the rooms, say, “I’ve done the Steps. They don’t work for me.” Poppycock…

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