Employers are being urged to address mental health issues in the workplace

MH at workThe shocking results of a new survey has led to calls being made to employers to address mental health issues once and for all.

The data, which was collected from an employee benefits survey has revealed that long-term absence has witnessed its largest rise in five years as more and more people are struggling with mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety. It was found that only 55% of companies are hitting their absence target which is the lowest since 2008.

Furthermore, stress and mental health disorders have been cited as the main cause of absence for one in four companies and this is a figure that is gradually increasing year on year.

Despite this, only one in ten companies provide manager mental health training and a third are relying exclusively on the NHS to address and deal with these issues. Companies have admitted that these issues are the most difficult form of absence to make workplace adjustments for and that they simply dont have the approached for managing mental health related long-term absence.

Professor Sayeed Khan, the Chief Medical Advisor at EEF, commented:

Of particular concern is the gradual increase in stress and mental health related problems over the last five years with which GPs and employers are struggling to deal with. As a society, we can no longer ignore the very real impact of these issues both on the individuals concerned and the wider economy. Whilst employers and GPs appear able to manage other causes of absence, they must now be given the tools to deal with stress and mental health issues in the same way.

If you think that you could be suffering with mental health issues, please feel free to visit our Depression and Anxiety Treatment Programmes page for more information about the signs, symptoms and treatments that are available.

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