Famous faces that have overcome eating disorders

eating disorderCelebrities fight eating disorders too.It’s all too easy to blame slim celebrities for our obsession with weight and for the rise in eating disorders among young teens who idolise them.

Well, celebrities can be a great role model in a different way as some famous faces have suffered with an eating disorder but have overcome them by admitting they had a problem.

The most recent famous face to reveal she had an eating disorder is American star Lucy Hale, who plays the lead in the show Pretty Little Liars.

Most teenage girls who watch this show may want to look like the pretty 23-year-old but she has warned against taking things too far.

In September's issue of Cosmopolitan, she revealed that she had an eating disorder and would go days without food.

"I knew I had a problem. It was a gradual process but I changed myself," Hale stated.

This is often the first step in overcoming any form of addiction or eating disorder as people will not seek help unless they think something is wrong.

While eating disorders appear to be a physical problem, it is actually a mental issue as most sufferers have low self-esteem and feel fat even when they are not.

In order to have some control on their lives, they often turn to controlling what they eat and their weight, which can have dire consequences.

People struggling to overcome their eating disorders can perhaps take inspiration from the famous faces that have managed to conquer their own.

One of the most famous people to have struggled with an eating disorder is Lady Gaga.

She felt so much pressure to be slim and 'perfect' that she developed bulimia in the early stage of her career, the Bad Romance singer told Vanity Fair.

Now, though, she is happy with who she is and healthy to boot.

Symptoms of bulimia include frequent episodes of binge eating followed by frantic efforts to avoid gaining weight, such as purging and fasting.

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