For What May the Twelve Steps Be Used? By Jamie Moon

Jamie Moon talks about the 12 steps and how any addict can use them.Well now that we understand that I believe that the Twelve Steps are both dynamically therapeutic and absolutely Spiritual. We can move on to the many uses for the Steps.

With a deep understanding of the overall process involved and thorough practice I have seen addicts of all kinds shift in consciousness. It seems to work to save those with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, and eating disorders to name just a few. And, what is the difference in these addictions? Most alcoholics certainly see their illness as different from “foodies,” drug addicts and visa versa. They all talk about the “need for identification.”

What is it that we identify with anyway? I’ve seen people with addiction to debt; food, sex, shopping and many other addictions, read the book Alcoholics Anonymous, replacing the word alcohol with debt, food, sex, shopping, etc., and identify with every word.

So, at least for those that did read it changing the words, they certainly were not identifying with their addictive substance or obsession. I also hear the same thing when listening to hundreds of people say identically the same thing. “I couldn’t sleep so I got up and drank/ate/used on line porn/etc./etc. Or I was in an automobile accident because I was drunk/eating while driving/distracted on the phone with a prostitute/etc./etc. Oh, and the one I like the most, “Alcoholics and drug addicts are addicted to a substance, I’m different because my addiction is sex, love, or co-dependence—not a chemical.”

I suggest that every one of these addictions is chemical in nature. Why? Because, there are chemical factories called the hypothalamus and pituitary glands in the centre of our brains that floods our bodies with all sorts of juicy chemicals. Then of course there is the adrenal gland which produces adrenalin the same chemical in fear, anger and rage. Even compulsive worriers are addicted to the chemicals released in their bodies by that gland. Sex, love, food, starving; all produce chemicals to which we might become addicted.

I ask you. What is this need to be different? One of the things you can here around the many different fellowships, is the proclamation, “So, you think you’re, special and different?” Yet, isn’t that what is done when in many meetings there is the refusal to even hear the mention of any other addiction or obsession than that particular fellowships focus. Is it really true that the reason the Washingtonians failed was due to trying to help too many different problems?

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Jamie M

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