Former Drug Addict Speaks about Past

b2ap3_thumbnail_drug-abuse.jpgFor individuals who have been affected by drug abuse, it may feel as if their is no escape from their demons as they become isolated from the goings on in the outside world and have no one to talk to about their issues.

Although the outcome of an addiction can end happily - with the person putting their life back together and not using drugs - or sadly, the individual succumbing to their dependency and passing away or having severe health issues, the reasons why people turn to drugs are often extremely different.


In some cases, users have experienced something unpleasant in their childhood that they have struggled to deal with, opting rather for the chemical release of drugs to numb the pain they often still experience years later.


On the other hand, others ended up addicted to illegal substances after simply trying drugs with friends out of curiosity - then gradually falling into addiction by using more frequently and going to great lengths to fund their habit.

Seeking treatment for a drug problem is something that takes a significant amount of bravery from any person, but it is a task that is rarely regretted as individuals find themselves on the long and difficult path to recovery.

And one former drug addict has been recognised for her quest to turn her life around at a star-studded ceremony in London, which was attended by Prince Charles and a host of showbiz figures.

Naomi Johnston from Leith was celebrated for overcoming her substance abuse - which saw her left without a home - to become a young ambassador for the Prince's Trust charity, reports the Scotsman.

The now 27-year-old received the accolade of Mappin & Webb Young Ambassador of the Year at the Prince's Trust and Samsung Celebrate Success awards.

Hosted by TV favourites Ant and Dec, the ceremony included appearances from a host of big names including fellow Prince's Trust ambassadors Mark Ronson, Idris Elba and Dame Helen Mirren.

Commenting on the proceedings, Mirren said: "All the young people here today are truly inspirational. Their remarkable stories have blown me away.

"Naomi has overcome a great deal and I feel very privileged to have met her and presented her with this Prince’s Trust award. She has shown that with resilience and hard work you really can reach your potential and be an inspiration to other young people."

Ms Johnston spiralled into a drug addiction following a tough start to life due to family issues, which ultimately resulted in her becoming homeless.

She was also sent deeper into her demons after suffering a series of injuries caused by a fellow resident at one of her hometown's homeless units.

However, she managed to turn her life around after approaching Job Centre Plus in search of work before she was advised to apply to the Prince's Trust Team programme.

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