Former England Cricketer Gives Up Alcohol To Fight Depression

Alcohol and depression in former cricketerFormer England cricket star Andrew Flintoff has said he has quit alcohol because it makes his depression worse.

Flintoff was known for his drinking during the years he played but during an interview on Radio 4, he admitted that alcohol was his way of dealing with the pressure of being the England captain, injuries and trouble on the field.

Flintoff said, “It’s not so much the drinking, its actually the reasons why you are drinking. When you are drinking because you are trying to get away from something, I think that is when you have to look at everything. One of the reasons I probably stopped drinking is the fact that I am prone to suffer from depression. Drinking does not help one bit. I don’t touch it now.”

Since giving up alcohol, the cricket star said he is happier than any other time in his life.

Many other people struggle with alcohol and depression as well. It is important to remember that alcohol is both a depressant and a coping mechanism. People who use alcohol to deal with their emotions, cope with stress or as an escape from real life are often depressed and are also risking a serious alcohol abuse problem.

Alcohol abuse and depression also isolate people which only makes the problem worse. Many people who have struggled with substance abuse and depression talk about drinking because they are sad and being sad because they are drinking. This cycle actually drives people further into their depression and alcohol abuse while pushing away family and friends who may want to help.

If you are struggling with alcohol abuse you can check out our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Page. If you are worried you may have depression please visit our Depression Treatment Page. You can also contact us directly to talk about your problem.

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