Former male anorexia sufferer becomes internet hit

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A former anorexia nervosa patient who opened up about his battles with an eating disorder in front of a video camera has become an internet sensation.

Simon Metin - a student from King's College, Cambridge - has created a series of blogs that aim to help young men who are going through similar problems seek help for their condition.

The 20-year-old, who has now fully recovered from his battle with food, said he was just 13 when his obsession with dieting began after realising his intake was one of the only things he could control.

He admitted he had never heard of anorexia at the time, but would focus on not being able to pinch any excess fat on his body. However, Simon claimed that when he looked in the mirror he would see someone who was getting bigger, not smaller.

This is why within just six months, the young male had become anorexic - throwing his lunch in the bin at school and telling his parents - nurse Fay and Turkish-born businessman Yuksel - that he had eaten dinner at a friend's house.

"My parents begged, cajoled, pleaded and shouted at me to eat," he said. "But by now I'd memorised the calorie count of every food and allowed myself 200 calories a day."

At his worst, Simon weighed just four stone and was told by doctors he had just one month to live.

However, the young man - whose battle with eating disorders was first highlighted in 2007 BBC documentary I'm A Boy Anorexic - is now committed to raising awareness of the illness in men.

Simon said: "Cambridge gave me a completely fresh start. I've stopped counting calories and these days hardly ever even weigh myself."

"While people are aware of anorexia in women, with men it seems to be taboo. I can only hope telling my story can help change that."

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