Forty Percent Of British Men Have Considered Suicide

Depression and SuicideResearch carried out by the Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm) has found that an unbelievable 40% of British men aged between 18 and 45 have considered taking their own lives at some point.

Of those, a similar proportion said that they did not discuss these thoughts with anyone else which confirms concerns that men feel that they can’t open up about how they’re feeling to others. The most common reasons men give for not discussing their problems reinforce the norms of what society thinks it is to be a man - they’re not to talk about their feelings or make those around them worry.

Further figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) further highlight the seriousness of this issue. Statistics show that men account for 76% of all suicides in the UK and that in 2014, 4,623 men took their own lives - unbelievably, this is the equivalent of 12 per day.

The Chief Executive of Calm, Jane Powell commented:

“The results of this research, together with the latest mortality statistics, show that we urgently need to raise the nation’s awareness of this hugely important and under-discussed issue. This isn’t an issue which affects ‘other people’ or one that can be solely reasoned to mental health issues considering suicide is clearly something many men will consider should their life circumstances change.”

If you are worried that you or someone you know could be feeling suicidal or suffering from depression, please feel free to contact Life Works in the strictest confidence and we will be more than happy to help.

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