France Considers Banning Skinny Models

anorexia and modelsThe fashion industry has long been targeted as one of the biggest culprits for the increase in eating disorders. With unrealistically skinny frames gracing catwalks, fashion shoots and advertising campaigns, the vulnerable have resorted to desperate measures in order to fit this ‘ideal’.

In a dramatic turn however, a socialist MP from France, Olivier Veran has called for a ban on skinny models in order to stop the glorification of anorexia. Veran has even proposed an amendment to the new health bill which would see companies face prison sentences if they use models who are classed as underweight.

As part of his proposal, the MP has stated that models should require medical certificates that list their BMI and anyone who hires a model with a BMI that is too low could risk fines of more than £50,000 and up to six months in prison.

Veran’s proposal follows the decision by the Israeli government who banned underweight models in 2013. Any model working in the country must have a BMI of over 18.5 and must produce a medical certificate to prove that they have maintained a healthy weight for three months before a shoot or catwalk show. Additionally to this, advertisers are not allowed to make a model look thinner through the use of Photoshop.

Critics of the legislation argue that the focus should be on health rather than weight and many believe that BMI is an insufficient yardstick as it’s a measure of body size and genetics rather than an indicator of good health.

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