From Hopeless to Hope, By Jamie Moon

12 steps with Jamie MoonThe second Principle we find in Step Two is Hope. A dictionary defines Hope as both a verb and a noun. I think that here it is used as a verb. We all come to know that action is vital in general to fight an addiction and in practice of the Program. That dictionary says, To feel that something desired may happen. And I add the example: By now we hope that our lives will be better in the practice of the Program. I know this because we have worked with a sponsor to get this far. There is no other reason to have worked the 12 Steps this far than that you believe they may have an answer for us.

In the first Step we found that unless we were hopeless to resolve our problem on our own there was little Hope for us. Even those of us that believe the Steps worked for others but that they would not work for us; have a kind of Hope. This Hope may be buried deep inside but it is there. As with each of the previous Principles we are attempting to live our lives by them. Every day becomes one of Hope instead of one of dread. In this Step we Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Isn’t it saner to live a life of Hope than one of dread and fear? Don’t the results of the Steps that we have seen in others give us Hope that they will do the same for us? Just this far in the Program, if you are practicing the Principles so far, the ego-mind can be no longer dominating your life. We are in a daily remind of ego Defeat; we have Acceptance of life on life’s terms; we live the day with Open-Mindedness; and finally Hope. If we are guided at this point in the Program to live each day to the best of our ability by the Principles we have learned so far, what a life we will be maintaining.

Hope fades when we are run by the ego-mind. One can tell when they are in the ego if you are thinking in the past or in the future. Our wonderful slogan of One Day at a time is much more profound than we might think. There are myriads of speakers and writers talking about the Power of Now. That is where life is lived to the greatest possibility. There is nothing greater than Hope in the day; one day at a time. Let us live together in Hope.

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