Global Drug Survey Findings Part Two

Drug abuse surveyPart one of our blog bought you some of the most interesting findings from the Global Drug Survey including that one in five drug users have bought substances from the Internet, one in 10 people have tried a mystery white powder despite having no idea what it is and the shocking statistic that revealed that more respondents have tried MDMA than energy drinks.

Part two covers some more of the most interesting and surprising statistics from the worldwide survey.

 People don’t realise how dependent they are on alcohol

Those who filled out the 2014 Global Drug Survey were also asked to fill in AUDIT (the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test). This is a questionnaire that has been designed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to identify harmful or dependent drinking levels.

The results were worrying and found that 7% of respondents were either probably dependent drinkers or at risk of becoming dependent. Even more concerning is the fact that 34.5% of these high risk drinkers thought that they drank ‘below the average amount’.

One in five drug users have been taken advantage of sexually

One in five drug users said that they have been taken advantage of sexually after alcohol or drug use. 14% said that they had been given drugs or alcohol by someone they believed had the intention of taking advantage of them sexually. 2.4% said they had had sex without giving their consent as a result of being drugged by someone without knowing about it.

Synthetic cannabis is more dangerous than natural cannabis

The designer drug, synthetic cannabis was rated as more harmful than natural weed and less likely to give pleasurable highs by users of the drug. The 2012 revealed that if they were given a choice between the two drugs, 93% would go for the natural cannabis.

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