Global Drug Survey Findings

drug abuseThe behaviour of drug users often remains a mystery due to the illegality surrounding it. For the last few years however, the Global Drug Survey has conducted a worldwide questionnaire to find out the answers to many questions such as where do people buy drugs, who enjoys taking them the most and how safe are people being with their consumption?

Last year 80,000 drug users from 20 different countries participated and the results made for some interesting and sometimes very surprising reading.

One in five users have bought drugs from the Internet

The UK appears to have been the quickest to adapt to the new world of online drug trading with the highest percentage of people who had ever bought drugs online. More than one fifth of users in the UK admitted to buying drugs from the Internet at some point in their lives. In the US 14.3% of respondents had purchased online while the average for the global sample was 11%.

Over one in 10 drug users have taken a ‘mystery white powder’

Last year’s survey found that 11% of UK respondents had taken an unspecified white powder despite having absolutely no idea what it actually was. 80% of those reporting this behaviour said that they were intoxicated when they did so and almost one third were aged between 18 and 24.

MDMA is not just a party drug

MDMA has a reputation for being a party drug that is only consumed on nightclub dance floors. However, the 2012 Global Drug Survey found that 36% of drug users who don’t go clubbing had used the drug within the previous 12 months.

More people have tried MDMA than energy drinks

Perhaps one of the most surprising findings of the 2014 survey is that more people had taken MDMA in the past 12 months than energy drinks.

Additionally to this, UK and US survey respondents were more likely to have taken cannabis over tobacco or energy drinks. 89% had tried cannabis compared to 85% for tobacco and 79% for energy drinks. Alcohol and tobacco were also the drugs that people most wanted to cut down on ahead of prohibited drugs such as MDMA or cocaine.

Please stay tuned for part two of our Global Drug Survey which will be coming shortly.

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