Holiday gift anxiety - what it is and how to deal with it

Xmas presentsWith Christmas fast approaching, its that time where we all brave the shops in order to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Whilst it sounds like a simple enough task, it rarely actually is. Not only does the list of people to buy for seem to get longer and longer each year, so does the amount were expected to spend on these gifts. 

Understandably, buying Christmas presents for everyone causes anxiety amongst many of us. Who should you buy for? How much should you spend? How will your presents compare to what everyone else is getting? Will the recipient like what you have got them? If even just thinking about all of this is causing you to feel anxious then carry on reading for some great tips on how to deal with holiday gift anxiety.

Secret Santa

 If you have a large family or a big group of friends then suggest doing a Secret Santa. This way rather than having the stress of buying for dozens of people you can focus all your attention on just the one gift. Additionally, it will work out much cheaper and you dont have to spend the whole of December shopping for presents either.


 Finances have a huge impact on stress because there are so many expectations when it comes to presents. It definitely adds to the stress of the holidays - especially because we tend to spend beyond our means at this time. Set yourself a budget for Christmas and make sure you stick to it. It may be a bit late now but for next year you can start putting aside money each month so its not such a big hit to your bank balance in December.

 Write out lists

 One of the hardest things about buying presents is the pressure we feel to get it just right. If you dont know what to get someone, just ask them. As well as removing the stress for you, it also means that you can be certain the recipient is going to love their gift.

If you suffer from anxiety and would like help or advice, please feel free to visit our Anxiety Knowledge Centre for more information. 

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