Inside an alcohol rehab clinic

What occurs in alcohol rehab?It is important to choose the right alcohol rehab clinic, as each will have aspects that may be beneficial for you. Life Works believe in a holistic treatment approach, where we tackle the underlying causes of your addiction.

What happens in an alcohol rehab clinic? The short answer: whatever its patients need for their situations. That can vary greatly based on how serious their problems are, with alcohol and other concerns.  An alcohol rehab clinic will have counsellors; other professionals may also be involved.  People may be seen by a psychiatrist if they need psychiatric medications.  Patients experiencing withdrawal may need other medical care; case managers may help people solve practical problems and plan for life after treatment.  Depending on needs served, an alcohol rehab clinic may be in a hospital, another residential setting, or an outpatient programme.

When patients come to an alcohol rehab clinic, the staff need to learn about their situations so they can plan treatment for their drinking problems and other issues that affect their success in staying sober. Treatment should fit each individual’s personality and strengths. Staff and patients together develop a treatment plan, and in a typical programme, both sign and date it.

Each alcohol rehab clinic will have its own forms, but case files normally include the same information. They explain why a person has come there and record relevant information about the patient’s past and present circumstances. Problems may be formally diagnosed, hopefully balanced by describing personal strengths and resources that will help with recovery. Next is the treatment plan identifying problems, goals (intended solutions), strategies, and target dates.  All treatment activities while in the alcohol rehab clinic should be documented in the file. When treatment ends, a discharge summary should explain the end result of the work the patient has done there and the after-care plan when the patient leaves.

Choosing an alcohol rehab clinic isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. If you’re curious about a particular clinic, it’s wise to make a list of the things you need to find out.  Then arrange a visit, ask questions, and take notes.  A given programme may not provide some services one person must have, even while offering help someone else doesn’t need.  To have the best chance of recovery, it’s vital to choose an alcohol rehab clinic that fits your individual needs.

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