Lady Gaga opens up about eating disorder struggles

lady gaga eating disorderLady Gaga has opened up to fans about her battle with body image and confessed that she used to suffer from an eating disorder.

Although the flamboyant pop star, known for her showstopping outfits, is not someone that most people would expect to feel unhappy with her looks, she spoke out about her attitude to her weight on her social network

She also admitted to suffering from bulimia in the past.

The Born This Way singer has recently made headlines after gaining some weight, a fact that was made clear given her penchant for racy stage costumes.

The Sun even cruelly ran a picture of her slightly more womanly frame with the heading 'Porker Face', a play on the title of her song 'Poker Face'.

However, the unapologetic singer has hit back at critics and taken a stand for a more positive image by bravely posting candid shots of her body.

"My weight/loss/gain since I was child has tormented me, No amount of help has ever healed my pain about it. But YOU have," Gaga told her fans via her website.

"I am not going to go on a psycho-spree because of scrutiny. This is who I am. And I am proud at any size. And i love you, and want you to be proud in any form you may take as well. Please don't look for kindness in critics, go where you know the gold is. Here, in [our] hearts," she wrote.

She also asked Twitter followers to join her in her 'Body Revolution' by showing support for her and her quest to promote self acceptance.

When images of her body first came to the headlines, the 26-year-old pop sensation attributed it to spending a lot of time at the restaurant that her father owns.

She also added a positive message by stating that she owes a lot of her confidence in her body to support from loved ones including her boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

Gaga wrote that when she is not worried about what she looks like she is "happy. Happier than I've ever been".

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