Learn How Alcohol Affects Those Around The Drinker

the harm of alcoholA new report has examined the extent to which consuming alcohol can affect others. The report has revealed a shocking insight into how someones drinking affects those around them.

The study was carried out amongst those living in Scotland and North West England and the main findings showed that:

• 51.4% of people in Scotland and 78.7% of people in North West England have experienced harm caused by another person’s drinking

• One in five adults have been harassed or insulted in the street by someone who has been drinking

• There is a link between age and rates of harm. Younger age groups (16 - 34 year-olds) reported greater rates of harm than older age groups

• 19% of people in Scotland and 36% of people in North West England have felt unsafe or threatened in public as a result of someone else’s drinking

• 15% of people in the North West say that they have been given unwanted sexual attention by someone who has been drinking

• Government figures also estimate that alcohol’s harm to others costs the UK economy more than £15bn every single year

The Chief Executive and General Secretary of the RCN commented:

“The evidence in this report of the shattered lives and personal tragedies that can happen as a result of alcohol abuse is heartbreaking. It is high time that the UK recognised that it has an unhealthy drinking culture and pulled together to reduce the harm done by alcohol. Alcohol and the other huge public health challenges facing our country will only be met through open debate and determined action. That means making expert advice and support available to prevent problem drinking and helping those who have developed a problem.”

If you think that you or someone you know may have a problem with alcohol, please feel free to visit our Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for more information about the signs, symptoms and treatments available. You can also contact us for help today

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