Life Works Is The Only Outstanding Care Home in Surrey According to the CQC

Life Works CommunityBBC Surrey has reported that half of care homes in Surrey needed improvement or were inadequate. Reports from the CQC show Life Works is the only Surrey based care home to receive the top rating of outstanding in the past 6 months.

Life Works Hospital Director, Chris Cordell spoke with BBC Surrey to outline how Life Works achieved their outstanding rating. He said “I’ve got a good team. It’s as simple as that. Everyone who comes to work at Life Works is committed to good quality care toward the outcomes for our clients and that goes from the moment we look at recruitment through to the care we give while someone is in our treatment.”

Cordell went on to say that along with hiring top quality carers, Life Works was able to provide the best experience for clients by reinvesting in staff through training and having a staff to client ratio of 3 to 1.

If you would like to listen to the full interview you can listen bellow.

Here is the transcript from the video:

“Let’s talk now to Chris Cordell who is the Hospital Director at the Life Works Community Care Home in Old Woking, the only care home in Surrey to receive an outstanding rating in the last 6 months. Chris Thank you for joining us on the Programme,”

Chris Cordell: No, it’s a pleasure.

First of all congratulations, great to receive an outstanding, how do you do it?

Chris Cordell:
I have got a good team, I think it’s very simple as that. Everybody who comes to work at lifeworks is committed to good quality care, and to the outcomes for our clients. And that goes from the moment we look at recruitment to the care we give whilst someone is in our treatment.

I spoke to Age UK earlier and they were talking about how important that the management that those who do the recruiting that motivate the staff, how key that is too a good home, would you agree with that?

Chris Cordell:
I would indeed, it’s about getting the right people with the right skills, in the right poster in the right job but it’s more than that. It is about not resting on your morals it’s about continued professional development.
So for a service like us we invest in our staff team both through in house training and also additional training for the whole of their time with us. So we can be on top of our game, but more importantly the clients who come in to treatment with us, get the best outcomes and the best care.

How do you feel to be the only care home in Surrey to receive that outstanding rating in the last six months, does it surprise you?

Chris Cordell:
“Not necessarily, it is difficult times we are a small independent service, we are not part of a large chain, and the care we deliver here is very specialized. We are recognized as probably one of Europe’s leading treatment centre for eating disorders and addictions, so we are not necessarily a traditional care home in that side of things.”

“But the sort of care we have to deliver here is very specialized, and as a consequence of that we have to invest in our staff team, so for us it’s not just about the quality of the staff, it’s also about the quantity. The staff ratios for us from clients to staff is about 3 to 1, which is incredibly high in this sector.”

Interviewer: You must have to be a very special person to be a good carer to do the role well, a demanding role. And as you say quite hard to find enough people to fill it?

Chris Cordell: “We very fortunate that we have a very good reputation and as a consequence of that people want to come work for us. I’m very privileged I had sort of a conductor of an orchestra role, and although I think I am reasonably a good conductor I couldn’t do it without a very good orchestra.”

Interviewer: Did it almost become a self-fulfilling prophecy, that the better you are the more people want to work there, the happier they feel the longer they stay the better the environment?

Chris Cordell: I think so, at Life Works it is a very good place to work, People come here obviously we have got a good reputation, but also it is about creating a working environment and working culture, and that is extremely important for the benefit for the staff team, but also for the clients, they are very quick to pick up if you have a unhappy staff team.
### End of Interview ###

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