Mental Health Myths VS Facts Infographic

mental health infographicThere are plenty of misconceptions about mental health in popular culture. Some of these may be harmless but many myths can create significant problems for people who deal with mental health problems in their everyday lives. One of the most common issues is that mental illness is often seen as a code word for crazy. This means people with a mental illness may be mistreated or isolated by their peers. This is despite the fact that most people with mental health problems are no more dangerous than anyone else. 

Often times stigmatising people with mental health problems is the worst thing that can be done. Isolating a mental illness is the best way to make it worse. Only acceptance and making the proper help available can really help those with mental health problems. 

To help dispel some of the myths around mental health, Life Works created this infographic. 


If you would like to know more about mental health issues please check out our Knowledge Centre. To get help with mental health problems please call Life Works today. 

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