Middle Aged Mothers Are Hidden Drinkers

mothers alcohol abuseHealth experts have warned that middle-aged mothers whose children have left home are becoming the fastest growing group of hazardous drinkers who are putting their health at risk.

Shockingly, two-fifths admit to drinking as much or even more than their grown-up children and a quarter say that they have increased their alcohol consumption since their kids left home. Despite this, 95% of those who were surveyed said that they are not concerned about their level of drinking and they don’t believe that they are damaging their health.

It was also found that middle-aged mothers are much more likely to drink alcohol on a daily basis at home. Even though they don’t tend to get drunk, because they are drinking every day, their weekly intake is far surpassing the recommended amount.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP and medical adviser to the charity, Drinkaware commented:

“Whilst many believe it’s the 20-somethings who are drinking too much, we are actually seeing an epidemic amongst British women aged 45 to 64. Women in this age group seem to be drinking more alcohol, more regularly - whether at home alone or out socialising.”

She also pointed out that most people think there’s nothing wrong with having a couple of glasses of wine a day but that by doing so, it can be just as, if not more damaging than binge drinking. Figures from Public Health England have also revealed that hospital admissions linked to alcohol grew three times quicker amoung women than men last year.

If you think that you or someone you know could have a problem with alcohol, please feel free to visit our Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation page for more information about the signs, symptoms and treatments that are available.

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