More Than Half Of UK Parents Never Talk To Their Kids About Mental Health

mental health and childrenA new survey has revealed that more than half of parents in England have never spoken to their children about stress, anxiety or depression.

Despite the fact that one in 10 young children are now experiencing mental health problems, worryingly, 45% of the parents questioned said the reason why they haven’t approached the subject with their children is because ‘mental health is not an issue.’

The poll was carried out amongst parents of children aged between six and 18 and is part of the Time to Change campaign which is aiming to break down the stigma attached to mental health. Highlighting how hard experts are working to remove this stigma, the Department of Health alone has donated £660,000 to the campaign.

The Director of Time to Change, Sue Baker commented:

“This has to be the generation for change. Mental health problems are a common experience for three children in every classroom. Our research has shown that talking about mental health is still seen as too awkward for many parents and young people and we need to change that in the home, at school, on social media and in wider social circles.”

Last month a separate survey revealed that a whopping 62% of youngsters have searched the Internet for depression rather than speaking to their doctor or a trusted adult about it.

If you think that your child could be suffering with mental health problems, please feel free to visit our treatment programme pages for more information about the signs, symptoms and treatments that are available.

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