New form of eating disorder Drunkorexia not a healthy way to have a good time

eating disorderDrunkorexia: part eating disorder, part alcohol addiction, all bad.With the UK's binge drinking culture it is perhaps no surprise that a new form of eating disorder has emerged – drunkorexia.

This eating disorder leads to men and women, mostly in their 20s, skipping meals so they can get drunk quicker without putting on any weight.

It has existed since the 1990s but the term was only coined two years ago as it has become a more dominant eating disorder.

Inherent health consequences of drunkorexia include the ones that come with anorexia - thinning hair and bones, heart problems, bowel troubles and tooth decay – as well as those associated with alcoholics, in particular liver problems.

A new study from the Simon Fraser University in Canada has now found that drunkorexics are more likely to engage in risky behaviour than their non-drinking counterparts.

Daniella Sieukaran, a grad student, conducted the study among her fellow pupils and found that 40 per cent were at risk of developing drunkorexia.

Those who drank and skipped meals were found to be more likely to engage in unprotected sex and excessive drinking than their peers.

It can also lead to hospitalisations and alcohol being toxic to the body as it alters its ability to metabolise it.

Ms Sieukaran told "There aren't education or awareness campaigns about it. People hear about it and let it fizzle out.

"But some people who engage in disordered eating a lot can be on a pathway to a clinical eating disorder. But that's what we want to be careful with, especially with drunkorexia."

The study found that women suffering from drunkorexia were more likely to develop full-blown eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Another recent study into the issue conducted by the University of Missouri found that 16 per cent of students skip meals so they can drink more without gaining weight.

It also revealed that the condition is more common among women than men as the former want to lose weight and spend less money on a night out.

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