Police Worry As Drink Driving In Women Rises

women drink drivingThe Police Federation wants more to be done to discourage women from drink-driving and fears that current warnings simply aren’t ‘getting through’. Although more men than women are still being caught, worryingly, female convictions are rising while male convictions are going down.

Figures from the Ministry of Justice show that the number of women who were found guilty of driving under the influence in England and Wales rose from 9,077 in 2011 to 9,586 in 2012. The number of men convicted for the same office dropped from 46,204 to 45,471 over the same period.

Additional studies carried out by Social Research Associates last year fuelled this concern further after it suggested that 17% of all drink-driving convictions in 2012 involved women - this is a significant increase compared to just 9% in 1998.

It is thought that one of the reasons why public safety messages aren’t getting through to women is because they aren’t being featured in health campaigns and advertising and therefore aren’t connecting with drink-drive warnings.

The amount of alcohol that people can consume before being over the limit depends on many factors such as age, weight, gender, metabolism and how much they have eaten that day. For this reason, many campaigns are urging people that the best approach is to avoid alcohol altogether if you know you are going to be drinking.

England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Malta currently have the highest drink-driving limits in Europe but The Police Confederation is calling for the legal limit in England and Wales to be reduced from 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50.

If you think that you or someone you know may have a problem with alcohol, please feel free to visit our Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation page for more information. You can also contact us today for help.

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