Practicing These Principles in All our Affairs

jamie moon

By Jamie Moon

When I started these articles four months ago now I said that they would be centred on the Twelve Steps and it is my intention to continue on that theme. This is my forty-fifth article and the last twenty-five have been on the Principle found within the Practice of the Twelve Steps. The more we practice these Principles in all our affairs the better our lives become.

When we first come to live the Twelve Steps as a way of life we come to the rooms believing that the foundation of the Program is the first three Steps. That is certainly true in the beginning and of course not using alcohol, drugs, sex, or any other behaviour to dampen our unmanageable lives will always be necessary—the foundation shifts to our Daily Program. If we have worked the Twelve Steps and do not have a Daily Program to Improve our Conscious Contact with a Power greater than we are. A Program for handling the daily ups and downs of life by Continuing to take personal inventory which includes cleaning up our mistakes as we go.

A Daily Program that maintains our Spiritual Awakening. One that we Practice these Principles, which we have been discussing, and others you may fine helpful—in all our affairs. And finally we need a Daily Program where we learn to be of Service in all areas of our lives. If we do not have such a daily Program it is my experience that we have not understood the actual purpose of the Twelve Steps.

Un my life it has only been since I have developed a Daily Program that I have been able to maintain the promises in my life. Dr. Bob said that if we are not happy then we may as well not bother being sober. Happiness is an inside job and the Twelve Steps provide the tools to correct those faulty areas inside. The Steps give us a guided tour of our responsibilities in our lives and the Power to be found in accepting our responsibility.

Let me remind you of exactly what we are responsible for in our lives. Firstly we are responsible for our feelings and emotions. No one makes us feel anything. The next area we are responsible for is our actions, which automatically includes our re-actions and in-actions. Similar to our feelings, no one makes us DO or NOT do anything. We are one hundred percent responsible for all of our actions, re-actions, and in-actions. Even when we claim that, “we never would have done what we did if it wasn’t for what they did.”

The last area of responsibility is our beliefs, which we have learned in our inventories came from our early childhood decisions. Decisions made long before we even knew we were making them. These are the things we will talk about in the next few articles.

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